Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Michelle Phan or Michelle Phail? [XIAXUE vs. petercoffin]

Dear readers,

Yes, it's been quite a while since I've blogged about MP. Like I said in my previous rants about her, I'm not a crazy hater of her and I actually have a life that doesn't include complaining how bad or whatever she is everyday.

But yes, I am aware of what has been going on between Xiaxue and Peter Coffin. I actually READ Xiaxue's blogs even though I sometimes can't stand the way she types her blogs. Sure, some people think differently like this person from

Xiaxue is actually a pretty cool person. I've read her blog for about 2 or 3 years and I've always liked her. RUDE girl, but awesome sarcastic sense of humor-plus shes very open and honest about her bitchyness. She generally owns up to it. Michelle probably likes her because well she's a likable person. I mean, some have said its because Michelle doesnt wanna be on Xiaxue's bad side but...Xiaxue doesnt typically write bad things about other bloggers unless that blogger has done something directly harmful to her. Or if she doesnt like their plastic surgery.

Just about everyone is supporting Xiaxue in this situation.
Peter Coffin started it by harassing Xiaxue on twitter calling her ugly and not good enough for him [completely unprovoked, she didnt even know him]. Xia blocked him, but then started getting harassed by the guys "girlfriend" She blocked the girlfriend too, but eventually realized something was wrong and decided to look into it. She quickly discovered that the guy had made up the girlfriend by posting fake pictures and exposed the whole story on her blog. The same way we sit around digging for shit on Michelle, Xia dug up shit on Peter.

She put him blast. He's mad. People are lol'ing including Michelle.
Sure it's kind of bullying, but in this case I don't care. He's not a young child he's a grown man and he repeated said racist, rude, sexual insults to Xiaxue and about Asian women in general. So I think he deserves this."

 I don't give a shit if she reads this and attacks me afterwards because that's the way she is. Even though they both did the wrong thing to each other, Xiaxue took it too far.

If you don't know a thing about what's been going on between them two, I'll briefly explain it and then move on to what I was actually aiming to talk about:

Via twitter, after Xiaxue had gotten her nose revision, Peter replied with a:

Xiaxue blocked him, and shortly after blocking him, got another person insulting her.

Her name is Kimi Kobayashi and apparently she is Japanese, and Peter's girlfriend.
At first it was hard to believe that she was his girlfriend, because well, she's REALLY pretty!

That's her.

But after reading Xiaxue's blog, it was more hard to believe that Kimi was Peter's girlfriend, check out her tweets before she locked it up!

What kind of a girl would tweet these kind of shit?

and quote, Xiaxue:


Her name is Lee Na Young. She is not Japanese, probably not 18, not Kimi Kobayashi, and most definitely not dating Peter Coffin!"

damn. Xiaxue will do anything to attack this Peter Coffin dude back. This was actually hardcore evidence right here but what Xiaxue did at the end, she posted a link to Peter Coffin's twitter, and the last time I've been on it it had a heckload of people attacking him and making fun of him..

nice job Xiaxue. Real nice.

Now back to the subject.
According to gurugossip:

"Linking it on her FB to fuel the fire was immature. That's all there is to it. The Peter Coffin story receives enough attention as is.

I just find it funny how she's always talking about having a "beautiful heart." What "beautiful heart" would support such a mockery of someone that doesn't even have to with her? XX's case is debatable. XX was the one being harassed by Peter. XX was the one who looked into the whole thing. Where was Michelle in this?

The thing about posting it on FACEBOOK is that she's shining light on the story. This is why Bubzbeauty/Lindy disfavored the whole ordeal.

Michelle is a "public figure." She knows that much of the things she posts on Facebook will be viewed by thousands of others. THIS is why it's immature for her to post it on Facebook. Talk about it to Carl, Chriselle, XX, Jeanie, or whoever you call your friends. But plastering it on the internet for FANS, professions, etc. to see? Not very professional of her to do.

Not to mention. There are people who follow her EVERY word. Seeing Michelle make a mockery out of this, they are more likely to think the same. They will think it's okay to ridicule the defamed. Such bad influence."

Michelle Phan has fans, young girls who actually look up to MP (yeah, I know, gross) and it's incredibly immature and whatever MP will do, there will be young girls that will follow whatever she will do.
First it's expensive-as-hail makeup, the way she acted two face (<= CLICK on it if you want to know the shocking, racist, truth.) towards her fans.
I am honestly getting sick of MP and her actions these days. If you are a fan reading this, go ahead and give me all you got. Because even YOU need to open up your fucking eyes to this fake ass "guru".

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Michelle Phan or Michelle Phail? Part II

Dear readers,

Remember my ranting about Michelle Phan back in November 2010?
I got a long reply from an ex-phan as well, and I didn't notice it until just now!

"I started to know Michelle Phan in 2007,she was a girl who I feel if I can do something to help her to fulfill her dream to be come a famous makeup artist,I would.

But starting from last April,I was following her on twitter and all she did was bragging and showing off,not just her new expensive clothes,to fancy meals,famous ppl she meet for lunch and dinner,she exagerates everything to make such big deals out of what she bought,ate,wore...I mean,who really cares?From there,I just got sick and tired of her personality and attitude.I said to myself:Gosh,she's only well known on Youtube but behave as she is a Goddess of beauty,while I have seen her in NYC once,she is such a below average for Asian beauty.

I can't tolerate the way she communicate with her fans,she got on the comment section only if she got called out by her fans and starting to debate with them to defend herself,the way she talks to her fans as all of them are her kids,and she is a nasty,non-reason mother.I read her replies to her fans,it made me feel like jumping in the screen to slap on her smart lying mouth until she begs me to stop.

You would be using the wrong words if you ever call ppl her haters only jealous of her...You should remember that so many of her e-fans supporting her to bring her up to where she is now,of course,they loved her or at least I DID.
The reaction of all the websites that calling her out all over the internet now are from DISAPOINTMENT and REGRET that we didn't see how a lousy person that hidden in the girl that they support to make her who she is today.Just imagine if she is anything bigger than just a Youtube guru,what will she be like???

Michelle should follow my advise if she wants stay successful,here is the key for her:

*Eat a big piece of humble pie the moment she wake up every morning.

*Go to beauty school to be licensed before introducing herself as a PRO MUA,and get to lean the real MUA makeup techniques,sanitization,customer service ATTITUDE.

*Stop fighting with supporters,take their words as ideas and thank them for pointing out,without them,she wouldn't see her own mistakes.

*Stop selling her bad products to her dear fans because those harmful things messed up so many young girls' skin.Doesn't Youtube or Lancome pay her enough?

*Keep promises on all the contests she threw,contact winner and send them the rewards.

Stop deleting and blocking her fans,she deleted and block more than half of her subscribers,I want to ask her how in the world she has the full subbies number without buying them from Ebay and get help from many of her fans who even made several fake accounts to subscribe to her channel to help her?

Put quality in her video,hire professional to write a script for her to speak because the ways she uses "big words" is incorrect and fail.

*Acknowledge that Youtube make up tutoring is her full time job,she chose to take this job to support her living so she has to please the bosses:HER VIEWERS.

*Stop preaching about religion because professional ppl don't do that,especially when she doesn't know anything correctly about bible and Jesus.

*Don't post several junk videos that made in a rush just to get her innocent girls to click on them so she gets bigger paychecks (quick money never last)

*Thank her viewers for watching her videos at the end instead of saying GOOD LUCK WITH LEARNING HER CRAPPY MAKEUP TIPS.

I'm not picky,if you think about what I wrote,that's exactly how to be successful in any job you choose in life.Ppl who grasp the quick and easy money never last,if she doesn't follow my advise,I would give her a few more month to be forgotten by her valuable viewers.There are so many licensed gurus who are so skillful on Youtube,Michelle needs to recheck her skills,watch her mouth on things she said because her little girls fanbase will eventually grow up and notice all the nonsense things she told them to do.At the end of the day,what I pointed out in my comment only to help Michelle Phan,am I right?"

Thanks, Casey :) I'm glad we're on the same page. You are very right, every one of your words are true. Michelle Phan is no longer the Michelle Phan we knew back in her Xanga days (according to some people) and look at her now--she easily gets butthurted by the critism some of her fans make, even some of the ex-phans/haters leave behind a little bit of kind words behind and yet they get blocked on twitter/facebook/youtube. It's ridiculous.

One day, all her fans will release how much of a fake she is, and she'll be left with only her boyfriend. According to some people on gurugossip, she just wanted to be with him for money. That kind of makes sense to me.

Also, due to the "expansion" of her channel, I feel like she needed to add more gurus to keep her viewers busy. In reality I think she is just lazy to create videos--plus her makeup tutorials are getting messier!

She posted a note up on facebook (or aka, one of her lame excuses) Here is the link:!/notes/michelle-phan/michelle-phan-expansion-20/10150129014223245

I copy and pasted it just in case she probably deletes it, like she did for her apology note to that 16 year old girl incident on twitter:

"As of right now, my channel will now only feature 3 gurus total. Chriselle for fashion, Krista for hair and of course, myself for beauty. I want to expand my channel from not just beauty, but to fashion and hair. I dabble in hair and fashion, but it's not fair for me to give you advice on something I'm not too acquainted with. Rather, I prefer to bring on 2 other beautiful experts in their field to provide high quality tutorials at your disposal. fyi, I'm still editing these tutorials, so you will still have the "Michelle Phan Flavor" :)

(Okay, what the freak, Michelle Phan flavor???!?)

As much as I LOVE creating beauty tutorials, I tend to stretch myself thin when I start to create other tutorials like hair and fashion. I'd rather focus on what I do best, and let Chriselle and Krista bring on their best. I believe in quality, not quantity.

(Haha yeah right, quality? Your makeup videos don't show quality.)

Chriselle is a professional celebrity stylist who has also modeled. I wanted to bring fashion videos to the next level, and I know Chriselle can execute that. Her knowledge exceeds her youthful age. She knows all about dressing a girl to fit her particular body type to even taking a cheap looking sweater and turning it into a Chanel looking piece. She is the true fashion guru because she knows her high end designers, down to the unknown underground designers. Not many youtube gurus can compare to Chriselle's knowledge in fashion because she started off in the real industry at a young age, not online. 

(Okay, no offense to Chris, but some of her fashion tutorials are sloppy and messy. The marker on the vintage necklaces look even more cheap than its normal self. The revamp of the shoes are just insane. At least make the flowers on the shoes not so droopy.)

I haven't done a hair tutorial since 2009! I realized, I need a real hair guru for my audience to learn from...this is where Krista comes into place.
Krista is a professional hair stylist. She owns her own salon in Santa Monica (and she's very young). The reason why I chose her to be part of my expansion is because not only is she well educated in her field, but she does lots of charitable works. She volunteers her time for cancer patients who lost their hair during chemo by giving them back their beautiful lush hair with the help of hair extensions. She is not only beautiful on the outside, but her heart outshines her looks. I fell in love with her salon the moment I stepped foot in it. Krista's knowledge in hair is perfect for my audience because she knows all about protecting the hair, treating it, simple prom updos to even elaborate hair styles (that she breaks down so easily).  I am so honored to have her on my channel too.

(Krista actually isn't that bad. I like her, I feel like she has a passion for hair-dos and such. She has beautiful, long, and amazing hair. MP's hair is seriously fried up and so unhealthy..)

I can understand that people have mix feelings due to changes, but please trust my instinct, taste and decisions. I have been planning this expansion out for quite a while (it was not an overnight thing trust me). You can't possibly expect me to continue filming with my laptop camera in my bedroom! I have to improve, it's the way of life and it's part of growing. Yes, the "old Michelle" was simple and basic, but if you watch my newer videos, the core is still there. I still keep the same format, it's just embellished more. Yes I'm not the old Michelle, but I have not changed. I just evolved. A butterfly may be beautiful but it's still the same old caterpillar. Ask yourself, 2 years ago, were you any different than you were now?


I also want to clear up any rumors about me "getting lazy". Expanding my channel is actually more work for me because I have to go out and film these new tutorials (finding the right schedule to film with 2 other people can be difficult), edit them and add my voiceovers. It's not like Krista and Chriselle and handing to me a finished video (I wish because that would be less work for me!). I have to take all the footage home and edit these babies myself. However, even with more videos now, I'm still putting out a regular amount of my own tutorials, look at my January videos for proof! I was away in China for 2 weeks and I was still able to push out 3 makeup videos for the month of January! 


Thank you so much for taking the time to read this. I hope this clears up any confusion and I wanted to say thank you again for your immense support, love and of course, your inspiration. It fuels all of us. We are all in this together!

Together we can...

xoxo MP"

Just a lot of bullshit that's been thought in the head at the last minute?
I think so.

Yeah sure, let the haters hate, but this is a whole different situation.
Fans of Michelle, you've got to realize how bad this situation's getting!


PS: I have a life, I seriously don't rave on how bad MP is everyday.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Michelle Phan or Michelle Phail?

Dear readers,

I must've been way behind news because apparently Michelle Phan is being put down by her haters constantly, I thought it'd be something that wouldn't last for a long time but I was wrong.

I started following Michelle Phan since the Summer of 2010 through a friend of mines. I would always wait for her videos to come out every couple of weeks or so and enjoy watching her videos for fun.
A couple of nights ago after coming back from Vegas, I actually read the comments to one of her recent videos (her Thai video?) and there was a couple of comments that caught my eye. I looked up "Mr. Bun Bun Cover-up", "Michelle Phan not gamer girl" on Google.

I was so shocked to see the following quotes I have gotten from forums.
According to some person on GuruGossip; "she used to be so passionate, passionate about living a humble life. She had post after post about how she felt so sadden by the world filled with greedy people who were so materialistic. She even said she prayed for their souls. I really wished she didn't delete these posts, this was back during 2005-2006. She used to always say people don't need material things when there is world hunger and poverty, that is an exact quote too. Now she goes and buy 1200 dollar jacket could have fed a whole village in Africa for a year!

this was her exact quote a few years ago on Xanga:

""a crazy girl gamer who shows tutorials on painting, drawing and being happy without the aid of expensive materials that fabricate our daily lives!"

Now after seeing the person she used to be, to the person she is now. Who would not hate on her?? She is one of those people that she use to despise. Even if she goes and buys all these fancy things and be wasteful, it is ok, she should be more humble and not brag about it. It shows that deep down she still an insecure person because shes constantly worried that people don't know how successful she is, which is why takes every opportunity to brag."
I've never been this disappointed in such a talented makeup artist. Her bunny, Mr. Bun Bun apparently passed away and the next day she went to Disneyworld. Phan misled her fans and haters into thinking that Mr. Bun Bun was alright and recovering. In reality, she hid the news of her own bunny's death and thinking she'd get away with this, the netizens caught her lieing big time.

Take a look at that. I've been blown out of my mind reading this whole blog.

Here's another quote from GuruGossip:

"I didn't know Lancome still tested on animals...that's so dumb too. How is pouring shit on a rabbit going to tell you whether it will harm a human or not? A lot of the time animal testing isn't even accurate because...well we're not freaking rabbits. Drugs that have been found to be effective for rats were not effective for humans. It literally makes no sense to me, besides it being cruel. Anyway I don't think it's that bad that she agreed to work for them, but it is hypocritical that she accepted knowing they test on animals and always acts like she loves animals. I love animals, and I will not buy from Lancome (actually never have cuz that shit is too expensive :p)

Well since this is the general Michelle Phan thread, I will just complain a bit. I wanted to put this in the "rave about a guru" thread for MP, but I figured I will just put it here since other people who actually like her will get annoyed if I say it there.

I dislike Michelle Phan because people have been making stupid ass comparisons between me and her lately on makeup alley. Okay that's not the only reason! Well, I put an FOTD there with like a plum smoky eye using my MAC blush in dirty plum as an eyeshadow. So one girl was like, "ooh that's cool...looks like MP's Time Burton look!" I was like nooooo don't compare my look to that. Because (since I hadn't been subscribed to her in almost two years) I hadn't seen it, so how would I know she made something similar? Anyway that one just burned lol. I know she was trying to say something nice, but most people would agree that wasn't nice at all Sad

Anyway, I had been wanting to make videos for a long time, as I noticed there was a deficit in cute Pokemon/anime looks (yes people do Pokemon looks, but they make themselves look like them. I think that's weird...IMO you should take inspiration from stuff, like color usage. Not make yourself look like a Pikachu! but that's beside the point.)

Well my friend was like, "man you guys seem similar. Both Asian girls who like anime/manga and shit." So what? A lot of people like anime! Anyway, I think I am just mostly annoyed because she gives us normal Asian girls a bad name. Now it's like, we're all freaking slutty dumb girls who don't even go to school and date people almost ten years older than us. Well I am not like that. And I used to be a fan of hers! Back when she seemed nice. But now I'm thinking that she was never nice before and just hid it better back then. anyway sorry guys I am just pissed at her. Pissed at her for being a terrible role model to young girls, and teaching them to value expensive everything, and block and delete everyone who stands in her way. It's ridiculous! If any one you have heard of or read/watched Death Note, think how scary it would be if a death note fell into MP's hands! I bet she would kill off all her "haters" aka normal people who dislike her. Sorry rant over now. sigh just so disappointed really."

What's gotten into her?
I've only watched her videos just for the fun of it, I didn't think there'd actually be young girls watching the videos and actually wearing the makeup in public. It scares me. Maybe she really isn't a good role model as I thought she would be after reading the blogs and threads that talked about Phan.

And where does she get these ideas?
All this time I thought she was creative and actually using her imagination.
Apparently not:
(Zoom to look closer to it)

I really don't have much to argue about this, but if you're "spicing" up someone else's ideas, at least give whoever made that idea in the first place some credit?

Now this really got me heated:

On the second picture, Phan said insulting things about skinny girls.

I, myself, am pretty skinny as hell. I am NOT going through anorexia or any of those eating disorders. It's natural for me to be really skinny, and reading this just got me way more than being heated.

"Now I really cannot stand you. I don’t understand why someone would use a facade like yours for any purpose. You are not good at maintaining your image and you outright lie to people who admire you. Your conduct is also quite appalling; from bragging photos to twitter wars with minors, how can you stand yourself? How can you mess around with the people who follow you, support you and admire you? I don’t understand people like you, people who deceive and prey on those who trust them."


I feel you, Ex-Phan.