Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Michelle Phan or Michelle Phail? [XIAXUE vs. petercoffin]

Dear readers,

Yes, it's been quite a while since I've blogged about MP. Like I said in my previous rants about her, I'm not a crazy hater of her and I actually have a life that doesn't include complaining how bad or whatever she is everyday.

But yes, I am aware of what has been going on between Xiaxue and Peter Coffin. I actually READ Xiaxue's blogs even though I sometimes can't stand the way she types her blogs. Sure, some people think differently like this person from

Xiaxue is actually a pretty cool person. I've read her blog for about 2 or 3 years and I've always liked her. RUDE girl, but awesome sarcastic sense of humor-plus shes very open and honest about her bitchyness. She generally owns up to it. Michelle probably likes her because well she's a likable person. I mean, some have said its because Michelle doesnt wanna be on Xiaxue's bad side but...Xiaxue doesnt typically write bad things about other bloggers unless that blogger has done something directly harmful to her. Or if she doesnt like their plastic surgery.

Just about everyone is supporting Xiaxue in this situation.
Peter Coffin started it by harassing Xiaxue on twitter calling her ugly and not good enough for him [completely unprovoked, she didnt even know him]. Xia blocked him, but then started getting harassed by the guys "girlfriend" She blocked the girlfriend too, but eventually realized something was wrong and decided to look into it. She quickly discovered that the guy had made up the girlfriend by posting fake pictures and exposed the whole story on her blog. The same way we sit around digging for shit on Michelle, Xia dug up shit on Peter.

She put him blast. He's mad. People are lol'ing including Michelle.
Sure it's kind of bullying, but in this case I don't care. He's not a young child he's a grown man and he repeated said racist, rude, sexual insults to Xiaxue and about Asian women in general. So I think he deserves this."

 I don't give a shit if she reads this and attacks me afterwards because that's the way she is. Even though they both did the wrong thing to each other, Xiaxue took it too far.

If you don't know a thing about what's been going on between them two, I'll briefly explain it and then move on to what I was actually aiming to talk about:

Via twitter, after Xiaxue had gotten her nose revision, Peter replied with a:

Xiaxue blocked him, and shortly after blocking him, got another person insulting her.

Her name is Kimi Kobayashi and apparently she is Japanese, and Peter's girlfriend.
At first it was hard to believe that she was his girlfriend, because well, she's REALLY pretty!

That's her.

But after reading Xiaxue's blog, it was more hard to believe that Kimi was Peter's girlfriend, check out her tweets before she locked it up!

What kind of a girl would tweet these kind of shit?

and quote, Xiaxue:


Her name is Lee Na Young. She is not Japanese, probably not 18, not Kimi Kobayashi, and most definitely not dating Peter Coffin!"

damn. Xiaxue will do anything to attack this Peter Coffin dude back. This was actually hardcore evidence right here but what Xiaxue did at the end, she posted a link to Peter Coffin's twitter, and the last time I've been on it it had a heckload of people attacking him and making fun of him..

nice job Xiaxue. Real nice.

Now back to the subject.
According to gurugossip:

"Linking it on her FB to fuel the fire was immature. That's all there is to it. The Peter Coffin story receives enough attention as is.

I just find it funny how she's always talking about having a "beautiful heart." What "beautiful heart" would support such a mockery of someone that doesn't even have to with her? XX's case is debatable. XX was the one being harassed by Peter. XX was the one who looked into the whole thing. Where was Michelle in this?

The thing about posting it on FACEBOOK is that she's shining light on the story. This is why Bubzbeauty/Lindy disfavored the whole ordeal.

Michelle is a "public figure." She knows that much of the things she posts on Facebook will be viewed by thousands of others. THIS is why it's immature for her to post it on Facebook. Talk about it to Carl, Chriselle, XX, Jeanie, or whoever you call your friends. But plastering it on the internet for FANS, professions, etc. to see? Not very professional of her to do.

Not to mention. There are people who follow her EVERY word. Seeing Michelle make a mockery out of this, they are more likely to think the same. They will think it's okay to ridicule the defamed. Such bad influence."

Michelle Phan has fans, young girls who actually look up to MP (yeah, I know, gross) and it's incredibly immature and whatever MP will do, there will be young girls that will follow whatever she will do.
First it's expensive-as-hail makeup, the way she acted two face (<= CLICK on it if you want to know the shocking, racist, truth.) towards her fans.
I am honestly getting sick of MP and her actions these days. If you are a fan reading this, go ahead and give me all you got. Because even YOU need to open up your fucking eyes to this fake ass "guru".